Membership Guidelines

The DiamondShare program has been meticulously choreographed to provide an “ownership” feeling to all participants. But like any dance, you need to know the steps and stay in sync in order to avoid stepping on toes. Membership is a privilege and is exclusively offered to pilots who agree to do their part to make the experience top notch for everyone. The rules of conduct are simple and common sense, yet it's best to articulate what's expected of a DiamondShare member.

The 10 Commandments of Membership

    1. Thou shalt be considerate of your fellow members.

    2. Thou shalt honor the plane's schedule.

    3. Thou shalt keep the plane clean, both inside and out.

    4. Thou shalt keep the plane's belly full of fuel.

    5. Thou shalt keep the plane healthy with oil.

    6. Thou shalt alert the owner promptly when the plane needs attention or maintenance.

    7. Thou shalt be honest in regards to aircraft incidents, especially if they require repairs.

    8. Thou shalt remain current (medical, IFR, BFR, etc.) and obey the FAA's commandments (FARs).

    9. Treat the plane as if it were thine own.

    10. Thou shalt have FUN flying a well-maintained, beautiful, safe, and new Diamond DA40!